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Kira_MooseOn Sunday, May 19, 2014, two females were walking their dogs near Forrest Hills subdivision in Gilpin County when a #moose attacked them. Due to the increased moose population throughout Colorado, these encounters are becoming more frequent. Here are a few tips from the #Division of Wildlife if you encounter a moose:  walk away from it – DO NOT walk towards it; moose are agitated by dogs; make sure your dog is on a leash, control the dog(s) and walk away.

Possible Armed Suspects Enter Casino

At approximately 4:45 pm, the Gilpin County Sheriff’s Office received a 911 cell phone call with the report of 3-4 male persons, possibly armed, entering the Century Casino in Central City Colorado. Six different law enforcement agencies responded, set up a perimeter and started evacuating the casino. The casino was searched and no suspects were found. The evacuation was ceased and at this time the scene has been cleared and the casino is resuming normal activity.