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Frozen Ponds and Lake Safety – Ice Fishing

imagesNever go out onto #ice alone. Always inform someone of your destination and expected time of return. Always wear a life jacket when on or near ice. #COReady

Frozen Ponds and Lake Safety – Ice Fishing

ice fishing safety 2When #ice fishing, drill test holes to help judge the thickness and ice fishing safety
character of the #ice. When changing locations, always walk at least 10 yards apart from your friend.#COReady

Frozen Ponds and Lake Safety

Sheriffs Office Badge 2Remember, you take a risk anytime you go out onto the #ice. Ice thickness is not consistent. Be aware of ice covered with snow. It may insulate it and keep it from freezing. #COReady


TWITTER BADGE (120x107)The search for #missing person, Zacharia Vasicek, concluded at approximately 11:00 a.m. today when search teams found his body near the #Kingston Peak Trailhead about 9 miles northwest of the city of Black Hawk. According to the Coroner, Mr. Vasicek died from an apparent self inflicted gun shot wound.

Missing Person Search

Zacharia Vasicek

Zacharia Vasicek

The Gilpin County Sheriff’s Office is conducting a search for 27 year old Zacharia Vasicek of Eaton, CO. Zacharia was reported missing on Tuesday, Feb. 10, 2015 and his last known possible destination was Gilpin County. The sheriff’s office is asking for the public’s help. If you have any information regarding Mr. Vasicek, please contact Investigator Jeff Collins at 303-582-1060.

Identity Theft: Love is in the Air and so are the Scams

Love Scam AlertMillions of Americans use online dating & social networking sites to meet people, but scammers also use these sites. The average loss per person during a love scam is $10K, but some have lost up to $500K. #COReady


Treat BurnTreat burns by: using “cool” water, not cold; remove clothing/diapers around the injury; cover with clean, loose bandages; seek medical attention. #COReady


Child Safe Zone - 3 Feet

Child Safe Zone – 3 Feet

Watch this FEMA cooking fire safety video for #BurnAwareness info.

https:/ #COReady


Child Hand Scald Injury60% of all scald injuries are suffered by children ages 0-4. Establish a kid-free zone. #COReady.


ScaldClose to half of all burn injuries treated and 1/3 of admissions to burn centers are scald injuries. For helpful information go to #COPrepare #BurnAwareness.